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NEVCA Beulah Road crossing study request map
NEVCA Beulah Road crossing study request
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In order to submit a proper request to the Town of Vienna to study crosswalks along Beulah Road, written signatures to the petition below are being collected from homeowners along this corridor.

We, the residents of Beulah Road and connecting streets Church Street, Ayr Hill Avenue, Creek Crossing Road, Sherwood Drive, Nelson Drive, Druid Hill Road, Broadleaf Drive, Edwin Lane, Cynthia Lane, MacArthur Avenue, John Marshall Drive, and Sideling Court, as signified by our signatures below, AGREE with the proposed physical traffic control measure(s) identified in this request, to provide safe pedestrian and bicycle crossing points across Beulah Road.

It is the opinion of the residents that the town needs to develop a coordinated plan to make Beulah Road more crossable for pedestrians and bicyclists, from the intersection of Church Street to the last connecting street in Vienna (Sideling Court). As such we would like to ask the Vienna Transportation Safety Commission and the Vienna Town Council to consider the addition of a

a. Painted crosswalks
b. Painted crosswalks with bollards
c. Painted crosswalk with flashing warning lights, or rectangular rapid flash beacon (RRFB) pedestrian signs
d. Pedestrian-invoked stop light, with painted crosswalk
e. Three way or four way stop sign, with painted crosswalk
f. Stop light, with painted crosswalk

We believe that a planned approach to crosswalks along the entire segment of the road is highly preferable to petitioners seeking relief piecemeal, block by block. Safe pedestrian/bicycle crossings are needed along this busy road that must be crossed by residents and visitors to our parks and other town destinations, students attending nearby Wolftrap Elementary School, Fairfax Connector riders, and attendees at Holy Comforter Church.

For more information or if you are interested in signing this petition, please contact

Ed Adamson @ 703-772-0259 or Tom Bogle at 202-492-5475

Published by Doug Francis

You'll find me living in the Town of Vienna up in the Northeast corner of town likely walking my dog.

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