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The Vienna Community and Learning Garden

NEVCA Vienna Community and Learning Garden

New Entrance to the Vienna Community and Learning Garden

Vienna resident Mary Woods took the lead when she volunteered two years ago to help establish the Community and Learning Garden located near the Vienna Community Center.

NEVCA helped support this project helping to secure a Fairfax County community enhancement grant to pay for a water line to the garden plot.

Here is Mary’s recent update on the project:

Vienna VA Community Garden Fence

The Fence and walkway were moved in July

The Vienna Community and Learning Garden was enjoyed by many this summer, with lots of wonderful compliments. We are just now starting close it down for fall. The growing season started cool and very rainy, in July when former Vienna Parks and Rec Director Cathy Salgado left, the fence was moved, and then put back by the Town disrupting more than half the garden,

August dealt us a super hot dry month which made watering a challenge, as the water supply was mysteriously often not “on”.

But despite all that, two other knowledgeable key volunteers helped make the garden look beautiful, interesting and eye catching.

The new overhead sign was installed, however, the other two scouts working on the kiosk and compost bin have not yet started their projects.

More and more people inquire about volunteering, the interest and intention is there, but coming back to volunteer some time has only happened once. So, volunteers are needed.

Vienna VA volunteer garden

Volunteers are always needed ~ please contact the Town of Vienna Parks & Rec Department

I recently met with Leslie Herman, the Director of The Town of Vienna Parks and Rec Department to discuss the history and future of the garden. Anyone who is interested in volunteering should call or email Leslie.

If you are on the W&OD Trail near the Vienna Community Center, please stop and take a look, and hopefully it will inspire you to volunteer some time to this wonderful project.


About Doug Francis

I live in the Town of Vienna up in the Northeast corner of town.

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