North East Vienna Citizens Association

Volunteer organization of residents in the Northeast side of the Town of Vienna, Virginia. See our ABOUT Page to become a member!

From Our President | Fall 2014

Trail Access to Northside Park Vienna VA Photo by Doug Francis
Trail Access to Northside Park Vienna VA
The Glyndon Street Entrance to Northside Park. Photo by Doug Francis

NEVCA is approaching our 3rd decade of service to the citizens of NE Vienna, Virginia. Back in April 1995 we had 140 members, and consistently maintained a level around 125 members. We currently have 82 dues paying households, 16 of which are up for renewal. I urge every home who reading this newsletter to consider joining the association (still only $10), for a strong membership allows us to better pursue your interests in our unique community.

In 1995, NEVCA’s major focus was to prod the town to recognize that excessive speed and traffic volume on our streets was a serious problem. We passed a resolution, the first of several that our members have backed by majority voice vote at our meetings over the years. The result, in addition to immediate remedies for Church Street NE, was a set of guidelines that the Transportation Safety Commission developed for citizens to follow to bring specific concerns to the town and hear citizens’ complaints, measure the perceived problem, and develop solutions from a list of possible accommodations.

Other resolutions were presented, with mixed success. Our focus in the reconstruction of Beulah Road was to have VA DOT preserve as many trees as possible, make the street safer, and still retain its beauty. This was accomplished. We pushed the town to consider environmental and esthetic effects on surrounding NE residents of consolidating all of the Department of Public Works operations at Northside Yard. A better, quieter, yard developed, and a connector trail from Glyndon Street NE to the W&OD was built. Efforts to mitigate the effects of siting a leaf mulching facility in what had been designated Beulah Road Park was contentious. A modest sound barrier was built around the tub grinder, yet NE residents surrounding the facility still suffer the noise, the odor of decaying leaves, and much of the formerly mature tree canopy is gone.

The saying “You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been” is so true. In reading all of the past NEVCA Notes newsletters going back to our beginning, I am struck by the dedication of the many, many volunteers who have committed their time and efforts to make Vienna a better place. There are too many people to recognize, you know who you are, most of you still live in NE Vienna, and I just want to say a big THANK YOU and let you know how proud I am to be associated with you.

Where do we go from here? What issues are most important to you that you wish us to stay on top of ? That is what I hope to hear from you. Absent a member resolution, we have done our best to bring to your attention pending issues under consideration, in hopes that you will come to public hearings and make your voice count, or to relay same to me, and I gladly would. Council’s recent passage of the Maple Avenue Corridor (MAC) zoning district is one example. Before each Planning Commission hearing and Town Council hearing and vote, I sent a heads up to the 69 NEVCA members for which we have email addresses (always as a ‘blind’ copy, to maintain your privacy).

In our current newsletter you will find an appeal to let us know what you wish us to focus our interests on as we begin our third decade! You will read of plans to upgrade Glyndon Park’s Little League field. You will read of the recent fouling of Piney Branch Creek that was first noticed by a NEVCA member who took extraordinary action in making it known for the town to correct. And much more.

Please come to our next general meeting, being held Tuesday, November 18, at 8pm in the Vienna Community Center. Featured speakers will be Vienna Parks & Rec Director Cathy Salgado talking about plans to upgrade Glyndon Little League field and the community center, and Chris Mallon, head brewer of Vienna’s new craft brewery, Caboose Brewing Company of 520 Mill St NE, to talk about the brewing process and plans for the business. Hope to see you there!

Bob McCahill


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