North East Vienna Citizens Association

Volunteer organization of residents in the Northeast side of the Town of Vienna, Virginia. See our ABOUT Page to become a member!

Beulah Road Reconstruction

NEVCA Vienna VA Beulah RoadCharts from the NEVCA meeting on March 14, 2000.

Beulah Road recommendations, September 2003.

Beulah Road easements  December 2004.

Beulah Road easements January 12, 2005

November 19, 2005 Letter to State Senator Devolites-Davis, State Representative Shannon, and Mayor Seeman requesting assistance in stopping tree removal along Beulah Road

February 3, 2006 Letter to State Senator Devolites-Davis, State Representative Shannon, Mayor Seeman, and Vienna Town Council members requesting assistance in dealing with the relocation of utilities along Beulah Road

Historical Background Information (attachment to letter)

Utility suggestions, Utility tree, and other photos from the Town Hall meeting of February 13, 2006.

Utility Pole Location Suggestions Presented at the February 13, 2006 Vienna Town Hall Working Meeting).

March 18, 2006 Letter to State Senator Devolites-Davis and State Representative Shannon in response to the March 1, 2006 VDOT letter received by the Town of Vienna

Maple Avenue to Church Street (p3), June 30, 2006.

Church Street to 332 Beulah Road (p4), June 30, 2006.

336 Beulah Road Park (p5), June 30, 2006.

Nelson Drive to Druid Hill (p6), June 30, 2006.

Broadleaf Drive to Cynthia Lane (p7), June 30, 2006.

Church Property (p8), June 30, 2006.

Church to Sidling Court (p9), June 30, 2006.

DPW Notice to Homeowners, July 3, 2006.

DPW Notice of Public Meeting, July 13, 2006.

Revised utility pole location plans, annotated.

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