From Our President – Summer 2013

Vienna Virginia Historic Library
The Original Library is on the Town Green in the heart of Vienna

Welcome to the Northeast Vienna Citizens Association (NEVCA).  With April’s Notes newsletter and hosting the Town Council candidate forum in April, we remain active and involved, with your help and support.

We plan to keep you informed of NEVCA activities over the coming year, especially on issues that affect Northeast Vienna, upcoming NEVCA meetings, and other activities.  The NEVCA board met in May and decided that, with few pressing issues facing us at the moment, we will not hold a general membership meeting until the fall. Stay tuned.

After serving on NEVCA’s Board for years, Dan Mulville, Mary Ellen Larkins, and Susan Stillman are stepping down. We cannot thank them enough for all their service.   Per association by laws, Dan appointed a successor to fill his post (president) until the next annual  meeting (March 2014), and I have accepted.  Serving as 1st vice president, 2nd vice president, treasurer, and secretary until the annual meeting elections are Ed Adamson , Linda Ebersole, Lois Paige, and David Guillaudeu , respectively.

Mary Ellen continues to lead the Newsletter Committee, and  Bob Meyers leads the Northside Committee, covering issues concerning Northside Park and Northside Yard that affect NE residents.   Other committees may be formed for other critical needs going forward, some perhaps short term in nature like the Beulah Road Committee that monitored the widening project from drawing board to completion.  Doug Francis maintains our web page.

Whether you are a long time NE resident or a new arrival in Vienna, if you have not joined NEVCA, please consider it

Annual dues are only $10, and cover cost of mailing notices to members, producing the NEVCA Notes newsletter, and contributions to local charities like the Committee for Helping Others (CHO).
PO Box 356
Vienna, VA 22183

Lastly, if you have an issue to discuss, a question, or a suggestion, please call me or email me.   Anything at all, I’d like to hear from you.

Bob McCahill
429 Center St N
703-281-3079 home
703-732-2499 cell

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