From Our President – Spring 2013

Freemena House Vienna Virginia by Doug Francis
Dear North East Vienna Residents,

North East Vienna Citizens Association (NEVCA) and the South West Neighborhood Association will hold a Candidate’s Forum for Town Council candidates on Wednesday, April 24th in the auditorium of the Community Center from 7:30 to 9:30 pm.  Tuesday, May 7th is the Town of Vienna Election Day, and the ballot will list four candidates for three open Town Council positions.  Since this election includes a new candidate, who has not served on Town Council, it is important for the citizens to understand his position on matters affecting Vienna’s future, as well as the positions of the incumbent Council candidates.  We will provide an opportunity for each of the candidates to present a statement of their objectives and why they feel they should be elected to Town Council.  There will be an opportunity for the candidates to respond to questions from the audience concerning issues of interest to Vienna citizens and to provide summary remarks.  I encourage you to attend this meeting along with your neighbors to gain a better understanding of the voter’s choices in this election.  The Candidate’s forum is open to all residents of Vienna.  Vienna’s polling location is the Vienna Community Center, and the polls will be open May 7th from 6 am to 7 pm.

NEVCA is pleased to include in this newsletter Town Council candidate’s views on their priorities for Vienna, impact of Tysons development, annexation of property into the Town, and Town budget priorities.  Take a moment to read their position on these important issues.  If you would like to meet the candidates, come to the Candidates Forum on April 24th.

Saturday, April 6th is the Alice Ferguson Foundation 24th Annual Potomac Watershed Clean-up Day.  Volunteers are needed to participate in this community clean-up event to benefit our streams and parks.  The clean-up event will be held at the Northside Park, Glyndon Street NE entrance from 9 am to noon.  Also on April 6th, Historic Vienna, Inc. will hold a dedication and unveiling of a plaque designating the Freeman Store’s addition to the National Register of Historic Places.  Unveiling will be at 2 pm with a full day of family activities including a picnic from 2 to 4 pm.  Local North East Vienna author, David Guillaudeu, has written a book, W&OD Railroad, available at the Freeman Store.

I encourage all residents of North East Vienna to join or renew your membership in NEVCA and to consider serving on the NEVCA Board.  Organizations benefit from new members in leadership positions to advance new ideas and influence the betterment of our community.  Yearly dues of $10 cover our administrative costs and are a small investment in continuing to better serve our community. For more information contact me at , and thanks for visiting our website.

I look forward to seeing you at the Candidate’s Forum on April 24th.

Dan Mulville, President NEVCA

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