Beulah Road gets RRFB Crosswalk Signals

The Town of Vienna finished installing the Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons  (RRFBs) at two crosswalks on Beulah Road recently just before school begins. Located at MacArthur Ave. NE and Ayr Hill Ave. NE, these solar-powered flashing signals will give pedestrians a new level of safety when crossing Beulah Road. NEVCA initiated improving these crosswalks inContinue reading “Beulah Road gets RRFB Crosswalk Signals”

Beulah Road Traffic Study 2015

The TSC Meeting is on February 23, 2016 at 8:00 in Vienna Town Hall At the request of the community, the Vienna Transportation Safety Commission authorized a traffic study along Beulah Road NE in Vienna to measure current automobile, pedestrian and bike traffic along the corridor from Maple Avenue to the Town line which isContinue reading “Beulah Road Traffic Study 2015”

Beulah Road Petition

  In order to submit a proper request to the Town of Vienna to study crosswalks along Beulah Road, written signatures to the petition below are being collected from homeowners along this corridor. We, the residents of Beulah Road and connecting streets Church Street, Ayr Hill Avenue, Creek Crossing Road, Sherwood Drive, Nelson Drive, DruidContinue reading “Beulah Road Petition”